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Collection of nice loading animations.

Rubber Indicator in Swift

Loading animations by using Swift CALayer



Spinner loader components with liquid animation

This control will allow a user to use code instantiated or interface builder to create and render a circle progress view.

iOS Circle Progress Bar

Linear Progress Bar (inspired by Google Material Design) for iOS written in Swift 2.0.

loading views

A pulsing spinner view written in swift

iOS 7 radial animated progress view.



Amazing animated switch activity indicator written in swift

Drop-in class for displays a translucent HUD with an indicator and/or labels while work is being done in a background thread.

A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your iOS app.



ProgressHUD is a lightweight and easy-to-use HUD.

A suite containing many tools to display progress information on iOS.

An easy and lightweight Swift library to show HUD in IOS applications.



A Swift based reimplementation of the Apple HUD (Volume, Ringer, Rotation,…) for iOS 8 and above.

Lightweight loading activity HUD.

FFCircularProgressView - An iOS 7-inspired blue circular progress view



Collection of iOS drop-in components to visualize progress



Automatically sets the network activity indicator for any performed request.

Controls the visibility of the network activity indicator on iOS using Alamofire.

A circular progress view with gradients written in Swift

DACircularProgress is a UIView subclass with circular UIProgressView properties.

Simple extension of UINavigationController to display progress on the UINavigationBar. [e]

A custom animation for the UIRefreshControl

A progress interface library for UIWebView. You can implement progress bar for your in-app browser using this module.

A beautiful ring/circular progress view similar to Activity app on Apple Watch, written in Swift. 🔶



A new way to display content in your app like the Apple Watch SpringBoard, written in Swift. 🔶

A controller that uses a UIStackView and view controller composition to display content in a list

A customizable SpriteKit particles animation on the border of a view.

Circular progress UIView subclass with UIProgressView properties


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