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UITextField subclass with floating labels.

subclass of UITextView that automatically displays text suggestions in real-time. Perfect for email Textviews.

TextField with DropDown support using UIPickerView

UITextField category that adds shake animation. [Also with Swift version](



A UITextField with bouncy placeholder.

A drop-in Autocompletion control for Place Search like Google Places, Uber, etc.

Add word completion to your UITextFields.

A light-weight UITextView subclass that automatically grows and shrinks.

A light-weight UITextView subclass that adds support for placeholder.

Placeholder views based on content, loading, error or empty states

An auto-layout base UITextView subclass which automatically grows with user input and can be constrained by maximal and minimal height - all without a single line of code

Custom UITextFields effects inspired by Codrops, built using Swift

Reel Search


RAMReel is a controller that allows you to choose options from a list.

a subclass of UITextField that behaves like a typical UITextField with one notable exception: it manages a drop down table of autocomplete suggestions that update as the user types.

A beautiful and flexible text field control implementation of Float Label Pattern. Written in Swift.

VMaskTextField is a library which create an input mask for iOS.



UITextField with underline and left image

The next in the generations of 'growing textviews' optimized for iOS 7 and above.

UITextField and UITextView subclasses with placeholders that change into floating labels when the fields are populated with text.



A Custom control which turns UITextfield to item-picker & date-picker.


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